Streets Ahead

The brief:
Leverage fashion to introduce style conscious 18 – 25 year olds to Suzuki:
Design an event that creates a buzz to drive consumer generated content onto social media sites and has enough longevity to last in both the run–up to the event and long after it’s finished.

The cars are on the streets, fashion’s on the streets, this seemed a great place to start linking fashion and Suzuki together, and so Suzuki Streets Ahead was born. Suzuki street scouts in Suzuki’s scoured popular pavements for fashionistas and invited them to upload their pics to our FB page where voting would lead to semi-finals in major UK cities at key shopping malls. The winners of these style contests were then shortlisted to take part in The Clothes Show Live where they would get first hand behind-the-scenes experience, plus the chance to win a new Suzuki. It was a huge success: Blogs, Vlogs, tweets, updates, Likes and sharing happened in a big way: it was experiential, user-generated, content heaven. Click on the Jeff Brazier Link to hear more.